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Hey there awesome human – You want to know about me?

Simply put, I’m a girl with a goal to take care of the one thing keeping us alive. And that one thing is this giant blue planet we call earth.

How do we do that?

By sharing our thoughts, ideas, solutions, humans have changed the world – whether for good or bad. We have that choice. That is the motivation behind this creative outlet. This space is where I come to write down my thoughts about a whole bunch of stuff – from how to reduce your plastic waste consumption to traveling in a foreign country. I guess you can say I’m an unapologetic generalist with an overarching mission to save the world.

If you like living greener, eating healthy and always self-improving, well, you’ll feel right at home here where I share plant-based recipes, homemade products, and tips for a better earth and you 🙂

Follow me on my going green journey, where I strive to make this world a better place, one bamboo toothbrush at a time.